Cartoon Network releases Courage the Cowardly Dog on DVD Set!

Det lustiga och bisarra Cartoon Network favorit "Courage the Cowardly Dog" har äntligen släppts på DVD Box Set som innehåller varje avsnitt, till salu på!

The hilarious and bizarre Cartoon Network favourite 'Courage the Cowardly Dog' has finally been released on a DVD Box Set containing every episode, on sale at!

2 Stupid Dogs released on DVD - Cartoon Network

Äntligen är den legendariska Hanna Barbera och Cartoon Network tecknad 2Stupid Dogs tillgänglig på DVD, enbart, om en rad innehåller varje enskild episod av showen någonsin sänts.

Cartoon network

2 Stupid Dogs was the beginning of the successful revival of Hanna-Barbera's fortunes, since the studio had not launched a bona fide hit since The Smurfs in 1981. The Turner Entertainment president installed MTV and Nickelodeon branding veteran Fred Seibert as the head of production.[1] Seibert's plan to reinvent the studio was to put his faith in the talent community, a first for television animation, and Hanna-Barbera in particular. His first pitch and first series put into production in 1992 was 2 Stupid Dogs, by recent California Institute of the Arts graduate Donovan Cook. Ren & Stimpy creator John Kricfalusi was credited to adding "tidbits of poor taste" to the three Little Red Riding Hood episodes, and a few other Spümcø artists also contributed to selected episodes during the course of the show.

And now, Cartoon Network's 2 Stupid DOgs DVD is released and available to buy today!

Johnny Bravo DVD Box Set

Serien Johnny Bravo har släppts DVD

Huvudpersonerna i serien var Johnny Bravo (röst av Jeff Bennett), Bunny Bravo (röst av Brenda Vaccaro) mor till Johnny, Little Suzy (röst Mae Whitman), sina kvarter, Carl Chryniszzswics (röst av Tom Kenny) en lokala geni och nörd, Pops (röst Larry Drake) en girig ägare till en lokal restaurang och Donny Osmond (röst av honom själv), en av de värdelösa karaktär i serien.


When will Unnatural History be released on DVD? Cartoon Network

Unnatural History DVD Box Set
SO we all loved Unnatural History, the first CN show which wasn't animated but sadly it aint been released on dvd ....until now!
This great website has released the show featuring; Kevin G. Schmidt, Jordan Gavaris, Italia Ricci, Martin Donovan on DVD Box set!

Cartoon Network's Unnatural History released on DVD

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